Champix – Day 3 – The begninning of the end


The tablets in all their glory

So I’ve started taking steps towards cessation of smoking 😀

Been quite a number of years and will power alone wasn’t cutting it. I’ve used prescription based drug helpers before and they do work. Champix is one of the latest in the field so decided to give it a go.

So far in two days wether or not its simply a placebo effect or not I have indeed cut down on smoking without getting cranky or feeling that dire need to light up. For me this is already a fantastic step as going for a smoke seems to be the one thing thats used to fill my day.

Side Effects thus far:

* Dizziness on day one

* Scatterbrained day one

Haven’t had any thoughts of depression or rage or anything of the sort. Perhaps the thought of looking forward to being a non smoker is enough.

Day two and three not a single side effect apart from slowing down on smoking. Looking forward to day 9 which I’ve chosen as my quite date.



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