IpswDownloader, Download Apple Firmware

New Firmware often adds new functionality and improvement to devices. Firmware is recorded on computer chips and therefor an integral part of the device. The best known firmware is probably the bios of a computer’s motherboard.

Apple releases regular firmware updates for their devices, which often add new functionality and improvements like a better performance or battery life. Firmware updates may on the other hand invalidate jailbreaks or tools used to jailbreak devices. In rare circumstances, they remove features from a device.

Firmware downloads are usually offered on Apple’s official support website. The site is a big mess to navigate, and the best option is to filter downloads by product to quickly find out if a new firmware is available.

A better solution is the free program IpswDownloader which is available for Windows and Macintosh computer systems. Ipsw is the file extension that Apple firmwares are provided in. The free tool offers firmware information and downloads for a variety of Apple devices. Supported devices include the iPhone 4G, iPad 1G and 2G or the Apple TV 2G.

apple firmware downloader

Each supported device is selectable from a pulldown list in the application interface. Next to the device pulldown menu is a second menu that lists all available firmwares for the device.
Each Firmware is listed with its version and a code.

The main interface displays additional information about the selected firmware. This includes its total file size, which jailbreak tool is available to jailbreak it and whether it is possible to unlock it. The tools that are mentioned are not linked, which means that users who want to jailbreak their Apple device need to find the program on their own to do so. The device firmwares are large files, usually between 200 and 700 Megabytes in size.

The question that remains is this: Do you really need a tool to download the firmware? It simplifies the process greatly. You only need to run it to download the latest firmware, and provided that the developers maintain a list of available firmwares that is all you need to do.
The jailbreak information are handy for users who jailbreak their devices. Security conscious users on the other hand may prefer to download the files directly from an official Apple website instead.

IpswDownloader is available for Windows and Mac at the developer’s website.

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The ride on mower

So the back paddock needs a mow. What’s a bloke to do. Considering I mowed the first half of the land here with your standard lawn mower, my knee was killing me at the end of it all.

Borrowed a ride on from a mate of mine.. OMFG!!!! what on earth was I ever thinking to not have one earlier. I look around and the yards to the left of me are no bigger than my last place, yet the people who own them all have a ride-on. Turns out… I’M THE MUG!

Aluminium Laptop

So here’s the thing. I’ve had pc’s before… but why o why do I find myself cleaning my laptop over and over again simply because its now made from Aluminium???? Seems silly to me, but who doesn’t want a sweet looking computer. 😀

Listning To Whilst Posting: Linux Action Show.

Champix – Day 3 – The begninning of the end


The tablets in all their glory

So I’ve started taking steps towards cessation of smoking 😀

Been quite a number of years and will power alone wasn’t cutting it. I’ve used prescription based drug helpers before and they do work. Champix is one of the latest in the field so decided to give it a go.

So far in two days wether or not its simply a placebo effect or not I have indeed cut down on smoking without getting cranky or feeling that dire need to light up. For me this is already a fantastic step as going for a smoke seems to be the one thing thats used to fill my day.

Side Effects thus far:

* Dizziness on day one

* Scatterbrained day one

Haven’t had any thoughts of depression or rage or anything of the sort. Perhaps the thought of looking forward to being a non smoker is enough.

Day two and three not a single side effect apart from slowing down on smoking. Looking forward to day 9 which I’ve chosen as my quite date.


The New Macbook Pro

So the day has finally come. I’ve got my new toy and I have to say I’m very impressed. From the aluminium case and amazing 8 hour battery life, to its super clear screen and styling. There’s nothing that i’ve thrown at this machine that it can’t do.

As a bit of a test and a just in case measure I installed Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.something using parallels desktop. With both running in full screen (Using OSX Spaces feature, think virtual desktop) and running as many apps as I could be bothered opening and have doing something, the machine doesn’t miss a beat. Love being able to push a key combination and i’m switching os from OSX to ubuntu to windows and back again.

The iSight camera takes a decent photo with adequate light, and functions as its supposed to.

Setting up a HP printer via LAN was a simple matter of double clicking somethings using bonjour.

So there you have it, I’m happy as a pig in shit with this new machine. OSX rox in the fact that it just works, and there’s an app to do most things I’ve ever wanted to do with my ever connected iLIFE. Dear god, did I just say that… am I turning into a fanboy? .. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!