DIY Cheap Xperia X10 Car Charger

So here I was with quite a number of cheap cigarette to USB type adapters for various devices I’ve had in the car over the years.  I tried each one in turn and none of them would give me the warm yellow glow of the charge indicator on my phone using the supplied micro usb cable that came with the Xperia X10.

After hunting around the net I found various forums suggesting to short a myriad of different pins.  Some said to do it at the charger end, some said to do it at the phone end.

Not wanting to ruin the only micro usb cable I have, I decided I’d attempt to make the changes at the car charger end.  I shorted the + to the D+ and – to the D- as one post suggested, this didn’t work.

So the next idea was to short D+ and D- (The middle two pins of a standard USB connector… Pins 2&3).

The best way is with a picture guide, so here it is:

Step 1: Find your Car Charger and begin to take it apart

Step 2: Remove the end piece by turning anti-clockwise and remove the fuse cap as well.

Step 3: Remove the outer ring and fuse.

Step 4: Gently open the Car Charger as if to pull it apart in half

Step 5: Remove the PCB from inside the car charger.

Step 6: Looking closely at the USB socket end of the charger you will notice four pins connected to this socket.  All you need to do is solder the inner(middle) two pins together and that should be it (Pins are already shorted in this picture):

Step 7: Put it all back together in reverse, plug it in and see how you go.

With any luck  you should now have a nice cheap SE Xperia X10 Car Charger for very very little money.

Let me know how you go.


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