Testing wordpress publicize

Nothing amazing this particular blog post.   I’ve converted from iPhone to Android and never will I look back.  Sure I miss some of the nice to haves like the built-in iPod play which is second to none.  But then again I have bTunes which interface matches the iPod as close as possible.  They do say flattery is blah blah blah.

No more worries of ohh I have a 3G not a 3GS so the cool features I’ve been waiting for and promised since day one will never work on my phone.

To install apps I may have got from sources other than the app store (In google’s case its called Market) I don’t have to jailbreak.  In fact out of the box there is no great rush to jailbreak (again called Rooting under android) as the phone does everything you want with minimal fuss.  Still a little rought around the edges, but so was the iPhone 2G when it first came out.

Now the bit I’m testing – If its working correctly this blog post should go out to both twitter and Facebook.  Here’s hoping 😀


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