PS3 3.2 CFW released


GOT YA… but i’ll of course let you know when it is and where to get it.. hehehehe


SoftMod an XBOX Classic (Made that title up) With a USB Key

Okay…. So i figured it was time I wrote down the way I’ve been soft modding Xbox classics for years (Hope XBOX Classic catches on).   There’s hundreds of guides out there on the interwebs that tells one and all how its done, however they were all either annoying to view or there was something missing from the setup.  So here it is in full, my version of how its done.


You will need

  1. XBOX –> USB Converter ($5 from EBay or make your own)
  2. USB Memory Stick (Check here for compatibility)
  3. NDure Installation Files (Grab them from XBINS)


Mix all ingredients into a large… waaaaaaaaaaaait a min…

  1. First things first, Switch on the Xbox Classic, plug your usb adapter into your Xbox and once power up, plug in the memory stick.
  2. Your Xbox should tell you on insertion that the memory card has been erased.  Press OK and now we’re ready to use it for sofmodding.
  3. Turn if all off again and take the memory stick to the computer. 
  4. Before plugging it in, install usbview and the Action Replay software.
  5. Now plug in the memory stick and run USBView.
  6. We need to find out the USB Sticks VID (Vendor ID) and PID (Product ID).  Using USB View navigate to your USB Stick and take note of the V and PID’s example:USBiew
  7. Now that we have the V and P ID’s we can edit the Datel Drivers to allow our new usb key to work with the Action Replay Software.  The driver we need to edit is located here: C:\Program Files\Datel\Action Replay XBOX\Drivers\xbreader.inf (Of course if you installed to a different location they will be elsewhere on your computer.)
  8. Open this file and look for the [_Devices] section.  The first line of which should look like this:
      • %S_DeviceDesc1%=_Install1, USB\VID_05FD&PID_DBAE
  9. Change the VID and PID Numbers to match your own.  In my case it will read” VID_041E&PID_411C xbreadinf
  10. Next we need to install the drivers.  This is fairly straight forward.  Open Device Manager + then click Device Manager.  Right click on the correct USB Mass Storage Device under the Universal Serial Bus section of Device Manager.  Here are the steps to take after that.FirstStep
  11. 2ndStep
  12.  3rd Step
  13. 4thStep 
  14. 5thStep
  15. 6thStep 
  16. And that’s the device drivers all setup.
  17. Now remove and replug the USB Stick just to be on the safe side.  Once the computer has recognised the drive and settled itself, open Datel’s Action Replay Software
  18. Once Action Replay starts you should see the below application open on your screen.  All that’s required is to drag the two zip files from the ndure installer into the middle column of this application like so:AROpen
  19. AR1  Here’s the first file.
  20. And Here’s the second file AR2
  21. Simply drag those two files from the middle column to the left column and BOOM.. all installed.AR
  22. Next, remove the USB Key and plug it into your Xbox.  Boot the Xbox with NO disc in the drive and go to memory.  Then copy the two save files over to your Xbox.
  23. Start the Xbox with the Splinter Cell Game and start a game – open the save game called Linux installer and now you can install the softmod by following the steps displayed on screen.

Hope that helps, I know i don’t want to have to remember these steps any more.  XBOX installs are becoming few and far between these days, so its always nice to keep a record of how it was done.


Neutron OUT